Tour de Boozy Booch


 Meet the 'Metabolic Mule' - a local twist on the classic made with orange  @deepeddyvodka@ktonickombucha, ginger and lime. It's equal parts refreshing and goes-down-a-little-too-smoothly


La Botanica is a one of a kind restaurant and bar run by some of our favorite people! Come try the Muy Fancy and say hello to Rebel and Monica from us!


Picnik is the restaurant that sets the standard for quality eats in Austin. Their Basil Berry Smash features organic blackberries, basil, @ktonickombucha original, and local, raw honey... and just a little vodka.

"Know Your Kombucha" w/ CEO Greg Goodman

Kombucha has quickly become a trendy drink in the US thanks to the string of benefits it has on digestion and gut health. But how is it made and what should you look for in your Kombucha drink? Greg Goodman of KTonic gives us the low down.